As Cornwall gets very busy with international and domestic tourists, we recommend you book accommodation in advance for July and August and weekend slots throughout the year. Popular places fill up fast!

How to book a Cornish Inn online

Once you’ve read through our blog and done a little research, you’ll have found the perfect place to stay during your trip to Cornwall. You’ll find many inns listed on the significant online accommodation booking sites. By reserving a room this way, you’ll have the reassurance of instant booking confirmation and clear review and cancellation policies. It’s worth noting, however, that these systems charge the inns high fees, and as small businesses, many have opted out of the big booking sites or only list a few of their rooms. If you’re using the big sites and can’t find availability in the accommodation you were dreaming of – always check the inn’s own website too!

The inn’s own website is a great place to start. You may find they have special offers or package deals, but even if the price is the same as the one showing on the big sites, dealing with the people you’ll be meeting when you visit is so much nicer than dealing with a tick box form. Do send a personal message when you book and don’t be shy to ask if there is anything going on in the local area during your stay or if there is anything they recommend you book before coming. You don’t want to miss out!